Monday, October 13, 2014

For Kara

So, I have decided to blog to Kara so that she can read all these posts when she gets older....I guess it may kinda take place of a lifebook.  It will detail the little things so I can remember.  And I will be able to tell Kara about them when I get too old!  So here goes...
My Darling Kara, you never cease to amaze us....It has been 1 year, 2 months and 14 days since we first met you.  You have grown at least 4 inches and have gained almost 8 lbs....your personality continues to grow and you are such a teaser.  You can't get enough of the moon, and when you sing "you are my sunshine" not all the words are there but you sure do try.  You love to swing and are always saying "pull my legs" to which we reply~magic words....please and thank you!  You are a master at my phone and Thank God you haven't purchased anything yet.  We still have to lay down with you at night until you go to sleep but can leave you once you are asleep...yet you cry out in the night and I am right there for you.  You talk in your sleep....this morning you were singing "joy, joy, joy" to which you then giggled.  Still working on the potty training, but I know you will get it.  You are attending preschool 2 days a week and you absolutely love it.  Your favorite movie is Finding Nemo which we have coined the phrase around here that when you are bad you're in Big Trouble....just like Nemo when he touched the boat.  You are never really too bad...just being a kid most of the time.  You are a good helper, picking up toys and helping with the laundry.
So, not bad for a first time of blogging to you, Kara....I will try to keep it up....memories are to be cherished....sometimes when we grow up, our memories are distant or not even there.  Hoping that this will be a bunch of treasured memories for you....I love you more than you will ever know!
Born in my heart, blessed beyond measure.....Love, Momma

Our trip to a Corn Maze....your words~"Fun!"  Checking out the corn and walking with Daddy!

Thursday, July 31, 2014


My beautiful little girl, we are so blessed by God! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


To Kara:  July 29, 2013.....a day that is forever etched on our hearts.  It is the day that we became a forever family.  Drawn together by our desire to have a child and your need to have a momma and daddy.  God truly blessed us when He made us this little family.  I couldn't love you anymore if I had given birth to were meant to be born in my heart and you captured it the first time I saw your picture.  As I look at you now and reflect on the last year, my oh my, how you are already growing up to be such a beautiful young lady.  My prayer for you is that you will always have a heart for Jesus, that you will grow up healthy, and that you will find a man that treats you the way you deserve to be treated and who loves God too.  I love you more than life itself, my child.  You have brought so much joy to my life in this short time you have been with us...I am at awe in watching you grow!  You make me smile, you make me laugh!   You will forever be "Momma's Baby".  Love you so much!!!  ~Momma

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Today, our little girl turned 3!  What a blessing and joy she has brought to us!  We praise God and thank God for all he has done!  And being Easter Sunday, we are also thankful that God decided to send his Only Son to die on the cross for us!  "He has risen!"  Thank you Jesus!!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's been awhile

So, it has been awhile since I blogged....the busy life of a middle aged mom!  Kara never ceases to amaze us!  I can't believe she has been part of our lives for 8 months now.  It seems like she has always been here.  I look back at the pictures from China and it seems like a life time ago.  She has grown so much,

We are so blessed by God it is unbelievable!  This little girl that we waited so long for is the perfect fit for our family.  We will be celebrating her 3rd birthday on Easter Sunday!  What a joyous and glorious time to celebrate!  As we celebrate the day of our Risen Saviour, we will be praising God for our beautiful daughter!

Will try to keep up with the blog better, for it will be something that Kara can look back on and see our journey to adopt her.  To God be the Glory, for the great things He has done!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Definitely Worth the Wait!!!

Well, we have been home since August 8th and I just can't believe we have only had Kara for 7 weeks!  It seems like she has always been with us!  (In a way she has...she has definitely lived in my heart for a long time now)

Things are going well.  She is sleeping pretty much through the night.  Wakes up evey now and then but usually goes right back to sleep.  We are rocking her to sleep (makes for good bonding time).  She usually takes a 1-2 hr nap in the afternoon.

Eating is still a challenge.  She only eats things that has visual appeal.  If it doesn't look like something she wants to eat, she won't even try it!  Can't get it past her lips!  So, the big hits are eggs, cereal, ramen noodles, rice, hot dogs....still trying to work on the veggies!  Not a big hit with her!

She is making sounds but only when she wants to.  We have started the process to get some help through Early Intervention.  Still can't wait to hear the "Mama and Dada" and "I love you!"  We know that she is really smart and can understand what we are saying to her so I have faith!  Words will come! 

All her other skills seem to be age appropiate.  We have noticed since we have gotten home how much better her balance is.  She loves to go outside and just walk around in the grass.  Tonight I had her walking up a little hill and running back down!  The first time she ran back down the hill, she went a little faster than she was comfortable with.  Her eyes got real big and she acted kinda scared but she went back up and came back down!

She is a total joy to Tony and I!  We love to hear her giggle and it's not really so bad when she does cry.  She has definitely captured both of our hearts!  Can't imagine life without her now!

God really knew what he was doing by having us wait on this child...she is a perfect fit to our family and we are so blessed by her.  To God be the Glory!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We made it!  Survived 15 days traveling and living in China!  It was definitely an "excellent adventure"!  It is a trip that I will never forget. 

The trip home wasn't too bad....after a long flight and a delayed flight we finally made it!  We had a great welcome home party at the airport when we arrived!  Great family and friends stayed up late to welcome us home! 

Now we are just trying to get into a routine...sleeping and eating seem to be the focus right now.  All in all, our little bundle of complete joy is doing well.  We are so blessed and just so thankful and grateful to our Heavenly Father....His timing is Perfect!

I will try to get up with the blog but with an active 2 year old it may become challenging!  Lord willing, I will survive!