Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One Step Closer

Each day is one step closer to bringing Kara home! God is so Good! She is the most precious thing! I still can't believe she is ours! Every moment we are learning something new about her!

"Gotcha Day" seems like a blur at this point! Thank goodness for video cameras! We are very blessed! The orphanage really seemed to love the children. They gave us a baby book with alot of pictures in it and they also gave us the outfit that she was found in. The last few months, Kara had been in foster care and her foster sister was one of the women who came with the girls. She gave us a memory stick with a bunch of pictures and videos on it. We are so thankful that Kara will have all this for when she gets older.

She seems to be attaching to both Tony and I...she has a little catching up to do developmentally, but I know a few people who can help with that! Emoji She has a strong little will, she lets us know what she wants by grabbing our hand and taking it to what she wants. She can have little temper tantrums if she doesn't get her way. She is not too fond of baths, she loves to look at herself in the mirror, and she has the most wonderful laugh.....Tony and I are both head or heels in love with this little girl!

Food has been a challenge, especially for me. I have found some things aren't too bad but once I leave China I don't think that I will be eating Chinese food for a very long time! And trying to figure out what Kara likes to eat has been a challenge too! She definitely lets us know if she doesn't like something. Tony seems to like it all....we ordered some kind of chicken dish the first night we were here in Wuhan. It came out with bones still in it and the chicken head was one the plate. Just one question....Why? LOL!

So, all our paperwork is done and we are just waiting on Kara's visa. Then we will be heading to Ghangzhou for the last leg of our trip. There we will have a medical exam done and will take the adoption oath at the US Consulate. Then we will be homeward bound! Oh, I can't wait to get home! This has been an experience of a lifetime though and am so grateful to our God who planted this adoption in our hearts! To God be the Glory!

Thanks to everyone who has been lifting us up in prayer! 


rickapril04 said...

Such praises to God!!! What a journey so far :) Hopefully you are able to find some good food while there that does not include the head of the animal, hhahaha!! Overjoyed to hear the little bits about Kara you shared. I can't wait to meet here. Enjoy every last moment you are in China, such a great opportunity. To God be all the glory!

Jenny Postle said...

I just want to bring you a pizza!!! I am so happy for you! I miss you sooo much!#