Monday, August 5, 2013

What day is this?

Every day I seem to ask....what day is this? Today is Monday and yesterday we visited the zoo. Kara fell asleep so I don't think the zoo was a hit for her. Maybe when she is a little older...have I said how awesome she is?!!! She is starting to respond to her name when we call her. We love this little girl so much!

We came back to the hotel and waited on our clean laundry! That was a blessing! I was down to the nitty gritty and was really excited to have clean clothes that hadn't been hand washed in a sink. We then headed to the swimming pool which is on the 4th floor and had a grand ole time. Kara took to it and we had a ball. She was trying to stick her face in the water and she would just laugh! Plan on heading down there again today!

Today we went to a Temple and shopped at Shamian Island. We got to eat at the famous Lucy's and it was soooo good. American food at its best!

Tomorrow morning is our Consulate appointment...we will be leaving the hotel at 7:40 am. Got the call today that her TB test was OK. Wednesday afternoon we will be taking train to Hong Kong. Then after an overnight stay we will be heading home! I can't wait!!!!

I really can't wait for everyone to meet Kara! WARNING! She will capture your heart like she has ours! Be ready!!

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rickapril04 said...

Ha love this post! Why is it that every time I read them my heart melts and tears come. Just love hearing about your experience with Kara. What a blessing! So glad she loved the pool!! That means she will love her new home with her mommy and daddy! Love you guys and see you Thursday!!! Ahhhh can't believe it's almost here :)